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Frequently Asked Questions

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NRO Add-Ons

How do I purchase add-ons and services?

All add-ons and services on this store are designed exclusively for NCR Retail Online merchants. Existing merchants can simply create a new account, proceed through checkout, and we'll deliver the add-on to your site. Add-ons will be billed to your card on-file.

Can I See a Demo of the Extension?

Yes. To see many of these extensions in action, visit the Demo Store with Extras.

What's included with each extension?

When you purchase an extension through NRO Extras, we'll install the extension in your NRO store and provide you with documentation from the extension developer, if available.

One thing to keep in mind when you add extensions to your NRO store… each time new features are added to the underlying NRO platform and each time you add a new extension, there's a small risk that the new feature or extension could conflict with one or more of your existing extensions, requiring additional development work to resolve the conflict. We recommend that you review your storefront after each NRO release and each new extension installation, and notify us immediately if you see any issues.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to have us fully test of all your extensions with each new release or extension, prior to upgrading your storefront to that release or adding the extension, we'd be happy to do so on request via Professional Services Assistance.

How is the price determined for each extension?

There are four components that contribute to the price for each NRO Extras extension:

  1. The extension license itself. This fee is set by the 3rd-party developer.
  2. Extension installation fee (varies by add-on or service). Installation also includes internal project documentation and source control for your selected extensions, so we always know exactly what extensions you're using, in order to better support you.
  3. NCR requires an Annual Maintenance Plan ("AMP") with each 3rd-party extension, to ensure that you are always eligible for the latest extension updates. The cost of the AMP is the fee charged by the extension developer for 1 year of updates, plus an Update fee from NCR that covers all update installations as needed for the entire year.
  4. NCR will provide you with any documentation that the 3rd-party developer makes available (look on the More Info + Documentation tab of each product for the documentation links), so that you can set up, learn, and use each extension on your own without incurring additional cost. However, in many cases, you may also want our assistance in configuring a given extension to achieve your specific objectives. Optional hourly services are available as needed for any extension assistance/training you might want.

Configuration, personalized training, conflict resolution, and technical support are not included with the purchase price of the extension, but Professional Services Assistance is available as needed. Time will vary depending on the complexity of your needs.

Is the Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) Required?

Yes. NCR requires you to have an annual maintenance plan for every 3rd-party extension added to your NCR Retail Online store. These maintenance plans entitle you to extension updates as they become available.

The goal of our AMPs is to ensure that all of our merchants are always eligible for the latest version of each add-on they use. This allows us to combine overhead and reduce costs for all of our merchants, and ensure that we can appropriately support all of these add-ons across all of our merchants. AMPs mean that you always receive updates for a set fee (the annual fee set by the developer, plus a single fee from NCR that covers update testing/installation during that year), rather than having to pay for hourly services at every update.

IMPORTANT: Annual maintenance plans are automatically renewed each year and billed to the on-file payment method for the NCR Retail Online store account. Annual maintenance plans must be renewed each year in order to continue using the extension.

What Happens After I Purchase an Extension? When Will It Be Delivered to My Store?

Most extensions will be delivered directly to your NRO store within 1-2 weeks. Delivery confirmation will be sent to the email address used to place the order.

Where Can I Learn More About Using the Add-On?

If any documentation is available either from the 3rd-party developer or from NCR, the links will be located on the More Info + Documentation tab of each product. In some cases, you can set up, learn, and use each extension on your own without incurring additional cost. However, in many cases, you may also want our assistance in configuring a given extension to achieve your specific objectives. Optional hourly services are available as needed, for many of the add-ons available on the Extras store (configuration assistance is not available for shipping add-ons, see Shipping FAQ's).

How Do I Cancel an Add-on?

Please send a written cancellation request to listing the add-on(s) you wish to cancel.

What are the Terms and Conditions for Purchasing Add-ons?

The person placing the order on NRO Extras must have signatory privelages for their account. You will also need to confirm that you agree with the following Terms & Conditions:

NCR Retail Online Professional Services Terms & Conditions

  • Selected fee(s) will be charged to the on file payment method for your NCR Retail Online hosting account. By placing an order through the NRO Extras store, you certify that you have signatory privilege for this account.
  • Hourly service authorizations are good for 6 months, for whatever hourly services you request/approve during that time.
  • Hourly services are billed weekly as used, in 30-minute increments.
  • 3rd-party extension purchases are billed in full at time of authorization.
  • Support / setup assistance is not included with any 3rd-party extension licensed through this store. Support and training is available as needed under NCR's hourly consulting services ($150/hr).
  • An annual maintenance plan is required for every 3rd-party extension unless otherwise noted. Maintenance plan pricing is listed on the Product Page for with each extension, and is based on policies/fees set by the 3rd-party development firm for each extension. While we don’t expect significant changes to these future fees, they are subject to change based on the developers’ policies, major version changes in the underlying Magento platform, and any factors that increase the work required for us to maintain each extension.
  • All NCR Retail Professional Services are subject to the terms of the NCR Retail Hosted Solutions Agreement.
  • Refunds are not offered for Professional Services work.

If I cancel my NCR Retail Online website, can I take my extensions with me?

No. All all rights and licenses are nontransferable and nonassignable. 



Other Add-Ons

What About Installing Other Magento Extensions?

There are a multitude of third-party extensions available for Magento. Some of these extensions can be a great addition to your ecommerce site, but it’s vital that you allow an expert to handle the review and installation of any extension in order to avoid problems with your store.

It’s also important to understand that NRO and Magento are not the same. NRO already includes additional features, extensions, and a built-in theme. Even quality Magento extensions require additional testing and/or development to work within NRO.

If you want to add additional features/capabilities to your NRO store, you will need to work with our Professional Services team. Tell us what you want to accomplish, and we’ll find the best solution that works within the NRO platform. Sometimes, the right solution is an existing 3rd-party extension. Other times, we may need to provide a custom solution. Either way, our goal is always to meet your needs in the most cost-effective way possible.


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