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Documentation - Varnish

Turpentine is a full page cache extension for NCR Retail Online that works with Varnish, a very fast caching reverse-proxy. By default, Varnish doesn't cache requests with cookies and NRO sends the frontend cookie with every request causing a (near) zero hit-rate for Varnish's cache.


Varnish is optional with the Pro Hosting Plan, or included in the Lightning Hosting Plan. Varnish is not available with the Starter or Plus Hosting Plans.

1)      With the Pro Plan ($500/month), you can optionally add Full Page Caching (.e., Turpentine Varnish) for $250/month; Pro Plan sites are hosted on a shared server

2)      The Lightning Plan ($1,500/month) includes Full Page Caching (.e., Turpentine Varnish); Lightning Plan sites are hosted on a dedicated server

Working with Varnish

When making changes, especially design changes, to your NRO site, those changes may not be visible on the front end, even if you press Ctrl+F5 in the browser window to force the cache to clear. This is because Varnish doesn't rely on cookies.

Bypassing Varnish, for Testing

While configuring and testing your site or debugging ESI policies, you will need to bypass the Varnish caching in order to see your changes on the storefront. There are two ways you can bypass Varnish:

  1. (Easiest) On any non-secure page of your storefront, such as, you can quickly test a non-Varnish version of the page by navigationg to a secure version of the page. In other words, simply change the http to https in the URL to see a non-Varnished page, for example
  2. Select System / Cache Management and click the Activate Varnish Bypass button to set a cookie in the browser that will bypass Varnish during your current browser session.

Clearing the Cache

To manually clear the cache, select System / Cache Management and clear the Varnish Pages cache (or the Varnish ESI Blocks cache to clear just the ESI blocks).

The Flush Magento Cache and Flush Cache Storage buttons will also do full Varnish cache flushes, and the Flush Catalog Images Cache and Flush JavaScript/CSS Cache buttons will do corresponding flushes for Varnish.

Disabling Cache

Varnish caching can be disabled by disabling the Varnish Pagescache type on the Cache Management page. ESI blocks can also be disabled this way but doing so is only recommended for debug/development purposes and will otherwise break the site (as ESI processing will be disabled in Varnish).



Using Inline Translation with Varnish

If you need to change text and labels using the Inline Translation features of NRO, you will need to bypass Varnish by navigating to a secure page on your site. Varnish only caches non-secure pages (like About Us or the Home Page), but does not cache secure pages (any page starting with https://). So, for example, to change a label in the header area on, first, change the URL to to bypass Varnish and then you can use Inline Translation as usual.


Varnish and Add-Ons

In some cases, it may take additional professional services ($150/hour) to adjust your add-ons and/or customizations to work with Varnish. Implementations typically require additional regression testing and additional modifications to the extensions so they will continue to work once Varnish is installed on your site.

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