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Documentation - Store Pickup

Setup Overview

  1. First, create your Pickup location information. To do this, select Sales / Manage Pickup Locations in the NRO Admin Panel.
  2. Click the Add Location button to add a pickup location. You'll also need to flesh out the General tab. For Applicable Stores, choose "Default Store View." You only must populate the fields that have the little red asterisk. 
  3. On the hours of operation, you're indicating what time slots are available to the customer for pickup. In other words, you'll want to only enter the time slots up to the last point you want to accept pickup orders, during business hours. So, if your business hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm, you might not want to allow pickup until 9:30 and then stop accepting customer pickup orders at 4:00 and then spread them out to allow one pickup every 30 minutes. In other words your "Monday" time slots would start at 9:30 and end at 16:00 and be offered in 30 minute intervals.
  4. Continue setting up the hours for all of the days of the week that you want to allow customer pickup.
  5. Lastly, the Blackout dates aren't configured here. You'll configure that part when it's time to enable customer pickup within the Shipping Methods panel. There you can black out dates like Christmas and New Year's or whatever dates you aren't open.
  6. After your locations are set up, select System / Configuration / Sales / Shipping Methods > Store Pickup. You can configure your desired settings before you actually enable the method.
  7. In the upper portion of that menu, you can accept the defaults in most cases, other than possibly changing the Title. Focus on the Date Settings and Lead Time Settings first.
  8. The Lead time setting interfaces with your pickup calendar. In short, if you leave that at 1 and the lead time units as Days, you'd be saying that you don't want customers to be allowed to place their order and pick up same day. Instead, shoppers would see a calendar with options for the next business day.  So, if you want to allow same day pickup, you should set the unit to hours, not days.
  9. The maximum number of pickup days setting lets you allow people to place orders several days in advance to pick up at a later date. For example, if I'm your shopper and I'm out of town, I might want to place my order for pickup a week out.
  10. You can also add a Google Map to actually make a little map that shows your pickup locations with little pins.
  11. Note that as of June 22, 2016, Google now requires a Google API key. If you started using Google Maps on your website on or after that date then you will need to sign up for and implement a free API key (older users still do not need a key).


Configuring Pickup Locations

The first step is to create your store pickup locations under Sales / Manage Pickup Locations. To configure a pickup location:

  1. Select Sales / Manage Pickup Locations
  2. Click the Add Location button
  3. Enter store details per examples below


Location Name Store name or title
Status Enable or Disable this location
Applicable Stores Select which of your sites will use this store
Shipping Method Name This field is used as store title when customer selects a pickup location
Street Address Store address, used by google maps for all distance calculations, use the additional line if necessary
City Used by google maps for distance calculations
State/Region Code The state code for this origin. It must be the code, not the textual representation e.g. NY, CA
Zip/Postal Code Used by google maps for distance calculations
Country Used by google maps for distance calculations
Contact Phone Appears on store information on customer order
Contact Email If present, will appear on store information on customer order
Description Optional
Opening hours Optional, will appear on store information at checkout and on customer order. For line break use


Hours of Operation

For each day of the week, specify the time slots and time intervals for allowing shoppers to pick up merchandise.

Open If closed, then any time slot information is ignored for this day
Time Slot Interval Select length of each pickup time slot
Time Slots Start Select time pickup time slot can commence
Time Slots End Select time last time slot will end
Available Per Slot Select number of pickup instances per time slot e.g. 10 available pickups per each 1 hour slot


Special Dates

This feature is currently not supported. Please use Shipping configuration to set blackout dates.


Configuring Store Pickup

Additional configuration options are located under System / Configuration / Sales / Shipping Methods > Store Pickup.



Are you seeing “This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly” in place of maps on your website?

This error has become a lot more common since Google Maps started requiring an API key on June 22, 2016 (after about 10 years of allowing keyless use). If you started using Google Maps on your website on or after that date then you will need to sign up for and implement a free API key (older users still do not need a key).

Pickup date picker in Step 4 of Checkout page defaults to 01/01/1970

You must enter a whole number (i.e., 1 or 2) for the lead time. If you enter 1.5 for the lead time, it will not be able to determine a valid date and will default to 1/1/1970.

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