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Documentation - RMA


Initial Configuration

The General Settings of the RMA extension can be configured under System / Configuration / AheadWorks Extensions / RMA (or Sales -> RMA -> Settings).

General tab

  • Allow to request RMA after order completion, days - restricts the period within which an RMA for a given order can be raised
  • Allow guests to request RMA - enables/ disables Guest RMA form. If this option is disabled, RMA functionality will only be available to registered users.
  • Enable "Print Label" option - allows your customers to easily print out the RMA label with the item details
  • Enable "Reason" option - enables Reason frontend selector
  • Allow "Other" option for reasons - defines whether a customer can specify their own reason for an RMA (works in conjunction with the option above)
  • Allow per-order item RMA - enables / disables the possibility to request RMA for a single item out of the whole order. If this option is disabled, the customers will only be able to raise RMAs for the entire order.
  • "Confirm Shipping" is required - makes it necessary for a customer to Confirm Shipment. After a customer clicks "yes", the RMA status is automatically updated to "Package sent"
  • Confirm Shipping popup text - the notification text for the above option
  • Forbidden filename extensions - allows customers to attach files to their requests. This option sets the restriction on the file types acceptable for uploading.
  • Max attachment size, kb - restricts the maximum filesize for the RMA request attachments.

RMA Policy tab:

RMA for NRO allows displaying the RMA Policy static block in the Create New RMA screen.

  • Show policy - enables/disables the functionality
  • Policy Block - in this selector, you should pick the policy block, which will be displayed to a customer.



Contacts tab:

In this tab, you can specify the Contact details.

  • Enable email notifications - in this selector, you should select the recipients of the email notifications. The extension can send emails to both Customer and store Admin ("All" option), to customer only, to admin only, or, the notifications can be disabled completely.
  • RMA department display name - the value specified here will be displayed as a signature in the outgoing email notifications.
  • RMA department email - the email address of the returns department.
  • RMA department address - this field is meant for the postal return address. It can be displayed in the RMA status notifications.


Email Templates tab:

In this tab, you can define the Email Sender for the module, and select the email templates* for admin and customer. The extension's default templates are stored in /app/locale/en_US/template/email/awrma/ folder.

  • Base template for customer - defines an email notification template that will be sent to the customer when store administrator leaves a comment in an RMA request;
  • Base template for admin - defines an email notification template that will be sent to the store administrator when customer leaves a comment in an RMA request;

*NOTE: the email templates selected here do not contain actual notifications text. The content is pulled from the Status settings.


Managing Request Types

Request Type is an optional RMA attribute, designed to improve the RMA fulfillment process.

There are 2 request types: "Refund" and "Replacement" by default. You can manage them on the Sales / RMA / Manage Types page. If no RMA request type is assigned, the "Request type" field is not displayed in the "Request new RMA" form.



Managing Reasons

Reason is an optional RMA attribute.

Reasons are disabled by default, you can enable this functionality in the module's general settings.
Then, you should create the appropriate Reasons under Sales / RMA / Manage Reasons.


Managing Request Statuses

You can manage statuses under Sales / RMA / Manage Statuses.

There are four statuses that by default, "Pending Approval", "Approved", "Package Sent", "Resolved (canceled)". These statuses can't be deleted. You can only change their templates, name, or sort order, but they will still perform the original function.

The following fields are available while editing status:

Main Settings tab

  • Name - status name
  • Resolve RMA on obtaining status - sign of the request completion when this status is obtained. Resolved RMAs cannot be further updated.
  • Sort Order - this option allows you to arrange the Statuses in a list according to your preferences

Store Templates tab

  • Notification sent to customer (leave blank not to send) - text of notification which will be sent to customer
  • Notification sent to administrator (leave blank not to send) - text of notification which will be sent to administrator
  • Notification sent to messages history (leave blank not to send) - text which will be added to the Comments chatbox (all HTML formatting will be escaped)

You can also add a store-specific set of templates (via Add Store Template button in the page bottom). This will add an extra section with the Store View selector, Name field (the value will override the Display Name specified in the General Settings) and 3 notification message fields




RMA Submission

The RMA extension alows raising an RMA request through 3 channels:

  1. Request from a registred user can be posted from the special RMA tab their account dashboard. The RMA can also be requested from the MyOrders / View Order screen.
  2. Request from a guest user (if this functionality is allowed in module's settings) - guests can post RMAs from a separate form. When a guest enters the form, he must specify the email address used for ordering and the order ID. After these details are supplied, the further procedure is the same as for the registred customers
  3. Admin-initiated requests - store admins can also open RMAs on customers' behalf. It can be done either via Add New button in Sales / RMA / All RMA grid, or via Create Request From This Order button is Sales / Orders / View Order / RMA Requests screen


RMA Processing

The RMA extension only allows to track and manage the requests. The extension does not have any provisions for auto-fulfillment. I.e., actual sending replacement items, issuing refunds, etc must be peformed by the store admin manually.

Once a new RMA gets posted, it obtains "Pending Approval" status, and gets listed under Sales-> RMA-> Pending Requests. The request can be further processed through the Edit RMA screen.

The main tabs are Request Details and Request Options.

  • Request Details section contains the links to the Order, Customer Account, and the External View URL for the request.
    Pay attention to the ID editable field - all the RMA requests are given simple increment IDs by default. The ID of a given RMA can be manually changed to any desired value via this field.
  • Request Options section allows to update the RMA state.
    Approving, Resolving, Rejecting, etc is done by setting the correspondend status in "Set Status To" selector.

Other options include miscellaneous activities: changing request reason, adding request Comments (visible to customer) and Notes (visible to admin users only), adjusting Customer Address, etc



  • Admin doesn't receive notifications for events which he initiated;
  • Admin's notes, additional info for printing label, and comments should not contain HTML tags
  • Order increment ID`s in comments will be automatically converted to links for order
  • A new RMA request considers the qty of the refunded items in the selected order and the qty of other RMA requests for the selected order. The items from the resolved RMA request can be used for a new RMA request.
  • If a custom Footer block is in use, the extension may fail to add the link to the Guest submission form. This link can be inserted manually, the URL is 


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