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Product Questions for NRO allows your visitors to ask questions directly on the product page, with display of approved questions and answers.


  • Ask Question option for every store product
  • Question Sharing option for relevant products
  • Answers are allowed from store admins and optionally from other customers
  • Ask Customers option allows you to prompt your customers to answer other users' questions
  • Privacy option: visitors can ask Private or Public questions
  • Flexible permissions settings (enabling / disabling guest questions, guest answers, etc.)
  • Configurable automatic notifications


The extension's general settings can be found in Catalog > Product Questions > Settings

General Settings tab:

  • Enable Product Questions 2 - switches on / off the extension's frontend functionality
  • Who Can Ask Questions from Product Page - this option defines if questions can be submitted by Registered Customers only, or by Anyone (i.e., both registered clients and guests)
  • Who Can Answer Questions from Product Page - defines what customers are allowed to answer the questions. Available values are:
    • Nobody (admin only) - customers cannot answer questions
    • Any Registered Customer - only logged in customers can answer questions
    • Only Registered Customers Who Purchased The Products - answering is allowed for logged in customers who have previously ordered the current product
    • Anyone - any store visitor can answer the questions
  • Approve Answers Automatically (yes / no) - defines if a store admin's approval for customer-submitted answers is required, or they will get "Approved" status automatically.
  • Do not send "Ask Customers" emails to customers who bought product more than X days ago - excludes the customers whose orders were placed earlier that X days ago from the "Ask Customers" recipients.
  • Guests can rate helpfulness (yes / no) - allows / prohibits voting for guest users
  • Subscribe customers to Product Questions emails automatically (yes / no) - defines whether a customer will be automatically subscribed to extension's emails

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