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Documentation - Popup+ for NRO


  • Popups for specific pages (Home page, Product view, Category view, CMS page, Customer area, Cart, or Checkout)
  • Start/End dates for each popup
  • Configure overall number of shows for each popup
  • Configure number of shows per customer
  • Popup alignment to top, bottom, or middle of screen
  • Configure popup dimensions
  • Auto-hide popups after a specified period of time
  • Integration with Market Segmentation Suite


Global settings

Go to System > Configuration > aheadWorks extensions > Popup or or CMS > Popup management > Settings

  • Hide automatically in seconds - Defines the delay before the pop-up will be automatically closed
  • Default popup position - Defines the default vertical screen position (Top, Middle, Bottom)
  • Cookies lifetime, seconds - Sets the extension's cookie lifetime. The Pop-Up+ extension uses cookies to disable pop-ups for the users who have already viewed them. When a visitor sees a given pop-up for the 1st time, a cookie is set in their browser. As long as this cookie is present, the customer won't see this very pop-up again (all the other pop-up instances at the store will be displayed). After a cookie expires (or the customer manually clears the browser cookies), the pop-up will be displayed once again. The same cookie is also used to count the number of per-visitor pop-up shows.

Managing Pop-ups

Pop-ups are managed under CMS > Popup management > List popups.

General tab

Name, Date From-To, Storeview and Status are standard options. See extension-specific settings description below.

  • Show At - This option defines in which store area the pop-up window will be displayed. Note that this extension does not allow you to display pop-ups for only specific categories, products or CMS pages. For example, if a pop-up is defined to display for Category View, this popup will display for all categories.
  • Align - Defines the pop-up screen position (Top, Middle, Bottom). Overrides the Default popup position option.
  • General number of shows - Restricts the maximum number of displays of this given pop-up
  • Number of shows per customer - Restricts the maximum number of displays for a given visitor
  • Number of times popup was shown - Once you save and activate a new pop-up, this counter will show the total number of pop-up displays
  • Width, px and Height, px - Define the popup dimensions
  • Sort order - Defines the pop-up priority

Content tab

In this tab, you can create the actual content of the pop-up window, via the standard WYSIWYG editor or in plain html code.

The Pop-Up+ extension supports any kind of content allowed for standard Magento CMS static blocks.

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