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Documentation - Nextopia Exporter

Configuring the Nextopia Exporter

You can enable or disable Nextopia in the NRO Admin Panel under System / Configuration / Nextopia / Search Configuration Options. Once the Nextopia Exporter file is installed onto your NRO website, Nextopia simply obtains the data it needs directly from your NRO product database. 

 Once the Exporter is installed correctly you will see a blank white page here: /nextopia_exporter_for_magento.php (


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I confirm that my feed is working as expected?

Log into your Nextopia control panel to monitor the status of your feed:

Why did my images disappear on the search results page?

In some cases, the item images may be missing from the search results page but are still visible on category and product detail pages. This can be caused by clicking the Flush Catalog Images Cache button without also re-generating the Nextopia product feed. The Flush Catalog Images Cache button under System / Cache Management removes pre-generated product images files from media/catalog/product/cache so the images no longer exist in the cache directories. However the feed file is still looking for the images in the now-empty cache directories, and when the feed can't find any cached images, the result is broken images on the search results page.

IMPORTANT! If you click the Flush Catalog Images Cache button, it's important to immediately regenerate the Nextopia feed (under Catalog / Feeds / Manage Feeds). Also, you must clear the image cache in the Nextopia control panel (found under image resizing).


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