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Documentation - Market Segmentation Suite


Market Segmentation Suite extension takes the concept of customer segmentation to a whole new level. Whether you choose to target your customers on a one-to-one (personalized) or one-to-many (customer group) basis, you control with precision who sees what and when based on what you know about them. Use your understanding of a visitor's propensity to buy to maximize the probability of a purchase.

  • Audience segmentation based on any criteria
  • Export segmented lists using the most appropriate channels and methods for each segment
  • Targeting rules based on multiple conditions:
    • total sum of orders
    • number of orders
    • customers' information
    • etc.


The menu that controls Market Segmentation Suite can be found in the NRO Admin Panel at the top-level under MSS.

Creating rules

Rules can be applied to orders, customers and shopping cart. To create a new rule, go to the MSS / Manage Rules menu, and click the Add New button. In the page opened you can find 2 tabs: Rule Information and Conditions. At the Rule Information tab you can define a name for the rule and specify its status. At the Conditions tab you can specify the following conditions for the rule:

Orders Conditions:

  • Number of orders
  • Sales amount (total/average)
  • Purchased quantity (total/average)

Each of the Orders Conditions has the following sub-conditions:

  • Order status
  • Order date


  • Customer address
    • City
    • State
    • Country
    • ZIP
    • Telephone
    • Company
  • Customer group
  • Date of birth
  • Billing address
  • Shipping address
  • Email
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Advanced newsletter subscription

Shopping cart

  • Grand total
  • Number of items


  • Product list (wishlist/shopping cart)
    • Name
    • SKU
    • Price
    • etc. (other product attributes)
  • Product history (how many times the product was viewed/ordered)
    • Name
    • SKU
    • Price
    • etc. (other product attributes)


Under MSS / Customers and MSS / Orders, you'll find an additional filter for Apply segmentation rule. Using this filter, you can select a rule then click the Search button, and the customers/orders that satisfy the requirements of the selected rule will be displayed. You can then export these customers/orders them to a CSV or XML file.


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