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Documentation - Meta Tags Templates

Enabling Meta Tag Templates

Select System / Configuration / Amasty / SEO Meta Tags Templates to enable or disable meta tag features on category and product pages. In most cases, you want to use Meta Tag Templates to add information where it may be missing, without replacing specific metadata if already entered elsewhere (category or product-specific meta data). You should clear your cache after making changes (System / Cache Management):

You can also enable 301 redirects to your home page under System / Configuration / Amasty / SEO ToolKit:

Updating the Templates

Select CMS / SEO ToolKit / Meta Tags Templates / Meta Tags by Category to create a meta tags template. For example, to create a global meta tags template to be used across all categories, sub-categories, and products within those categories, create a template for the Default Category:



You can also configure meta tag information for specific URL's under CMS / SEO ToolKit / Meta Tags Templates / Meta Tags by URL.

Learn more in Amasty's Meta Tags Templates User Guide.

Understanding Variables

To generate a meta title similar to 'Buy black Nike sneakers for $99 only at Becky's Boutique!' for all your products, you would create a template 'Buy {color} {brand} {name} for {price} only at {store}!'. It works similarly for hidden meta fields as well as storefront fields such as long and short product descriptions.

The following variables can be used in templates:

Product Variables:

  • Item Name - {name}
  • Item # - {sku}
  • Category - {category}
  • All Categories - {categories}
  • Store - {store}
  • Website - {website}
  • Price - {price}
  • Special Price - {special_price}
  • Final Price - {final_price}
  • Final Price with Tax - {final_price_incl_tax}
  • Price From (bundle) - {startingfrom_price}
  • Price To (bundle) - {startingto_price}
  • Brand - {brand}
  • Color - {color}
  • And other product attributes ...


Buy {name}[ by {manufacturer|brand}] [for only {price}] [in {meta_parent_category}] at {website}.

Would become:

Buy Turquoise Nugget and Rope Necklace by Seven Sisters for only $199.99 in Jewelry from Becky's Boutique.


Category Variables:

  • Parent Category - {meta_parent_category}
  • Category Name - {name}
  • Store - {store}
  • Website - {website}


Buy [{meta_parent_category} and ]{name} from {store}

Would become:

Buy Jewelry and Necklaces from Becky's Boutique


Store Variables:

Important: If your store or website variables aren't displaying the correct variables, use a literal value instead. For example, if 'Buy {name} from {brand} for only {price} at {store}!' doesn't display the desired results, try changing the template to 'Buy {name} from {brand} for only {price} at Becky's Boutique'

  • {store}: replace with a literal value, if necessary
  • {website}: replace with a literal value, if necessary

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