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Documentation - Advance Google Maps (FME)

User Guide

Download the User Guide (from the developer)

Supplemental Documentation from NCR - Quick Start


Select System / Configuration / FME Extensions / G-Map Store Locator. In the General Settings tab, enter the SEF URL Identifier, or use the default stores. This will be used for the URL of your store locator page, for example

Adding Stores

  1. Select CMS / Store Locator / Manage Stores to add your store locations, or locations where your products are sold.
  2. Click the Add New Store button, and enter the details for each location.
  3. In order to display the markers in the proper location on the map in your storefront, it's important to enter the Latidude and Longitude of each location. If you need help determining the coordinates, try an online tool such as


Importing Stores

You can either enter information for each store individually as described above, or you can import a list of stores using CMS / Store Locator / Import Stores.

Start by dowloading the CSV file, then edit according to your needs and import into NRO.

You can also click the Export button under CMS / Store Locator / Manage Stores to start with a list of the stores you've already entered, and edit or add more stores accordingly.


Inserting Store Images and Descriptions

You can incorporate store images into the Short Description field, which will display on the Store Details page.

First, upload images using the Store Image 'Browse' button. The images will be stored in a directory named after the Store ID (for example, 4). Then, insert the images into the Short Description field and format according to your needs.

Store Details Page

You can optionally enter a short description about the store and include images of the store. The Details page displays when you click View Details from the main store locator page (in the left column).



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I zoom in closer on the default view of the map? It shows the entire United States, but I only have stores in one area of the country.

Adjust the Map Zoom number, located under System / Configuration / FME Extensions / G-Map Store Locator > G-Map Settings. The higher the number, the closer the zoom For example:

- 1: Shows the whole world

- 2: Shows the entire US (default)

- 6: Shows just a regional area of the US

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