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  • Gift Card product type
  • Different gift cards values
  • Send gift card code via email or post-office
  • Let customers checkout with the card
  • Control gift card duration
  • Check gift card balance and status at the shopping cart and in My Account area
  • Create gift card codes from the Admin Panel
  • View code using statistics
  • Add gift card to any customer from the Admin Panel
  • Manage the look of the code
  • Update code balance manually
  • Configure when to generate gift card code
  • Gift cards amount can be refunded


General configuration

You can configure the extension's general settings in System-> Configuration-> aheadWorks Extensions-> Gift Card (or, Customers-> Gift Cards-> Settings).

General Settings tab:

Expires After (Days) - Defines the general expiration period for the gift cards. This option can be overridden in Gift Card product settings.
Allow Gift Message - This option can be overridden in Gift Card product settings.
Refund Processing - Defines how the refund is handled in case a Gift Card was used on an order. There are 3 supported scenarios:
  • Disabled - if an order is refunded, the Gift Card amount is not returned to the balance
  • Amount on Gift Card first - the amount is returned to the Gift Card balance in full, the remaining refund amount is returned in currency.
  • Other Amounts First - the currency amounts are returned in full, the remaining refund amount is added back to the Gift Card balance
Generate Gift Card When Order Item Is - defines the state of the Gift Card item required to generate the Card Code.

Coupon Code Settings tab:

In this tab, you can configure the Gift Card code format. Note, the extension generates all the Card Codes automatically, per options below.

Code Length - Defines the number of characters in the generated Gift Card codes (excluding prefix, suffix and separators)
Code Format - Alphabetical / Numeric/ Alphanumeric
Code Prefix - inserted before the generated code
Code Suffix - added after the generated code
Code Separator - the character that will be used as a code separator. Note: Space character is not allowed.
Insert Separator Every X Characters

Email Settings tab:

In this tab, you can select the notifications Sender and the Notification Template.

Creating a Gift Card product

You must create a product in NCR Counterpoint with SKU of exactly GIFTCARD and a price of $0.00, and upload this item to your NRO store.

Edit Product-> Prices screen:

Amounts - here, you can create a number of pre-defined gift card amounts.
Allow Open Amount = Yes/No - besides the pre-defined Gift Card values, the extension allows purchasing cards with custom (user-defined) values. This option enables/ disables such possibility for a given Card item. The range of allowed custom values can be controlled via Open Amount Min Value and Open Amount Max Value options.

Edit Product-> Gift Card Information screen:

Card Type - this option defines the card type:
  • Virtual - the card code is delivered via email
  • Physical - the card is supposed to be a physical product shipped to a recipient. No email notification will be sent.
  • Combined - the card is a physical product, doubled with an email notification.
The Expires After (days), Allow Message and Email Template options are duplicates of the correspondent General Settings options, and allow overriding the general configuration for a given Card item.

Managing Gift Cards

You can manage the existent gift cards, and even manually create new ones*, via Customers-> Gift Cards-> Manage Gift Cards.

Here, you can track the status of all existing cards, and update any of them (update balance, expiration date, check updates history).

* NOTE: if you are creating a new Gift Card through the Admin Panel, the Card Code will be generated automatically after you specify the required values and save the card.

Editing Orders Paid Via Gift Card

If you edit an order in NCR Counterpoint that was paid by gift card, that order will be placed on hold in NRO. You will need to manually edit and complete the order within the NRO Admin Panel to match the changes made in Counterpoint.

Storefront Screenshots

Gift Card for NRO

Gift Card for NRO

Gift Card for NRO

Gift Card for NRO

Gift Card for NRO

Gift Card for NRO

Gift Card for NRO

Gift Card for NRO

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