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Documentation - Checkout Promo


Checkout Promo allows you to display shopping cart and checkout banners based on rules that you define, enticing customers to spend more to receive some benefit. For example, "Buy X to get a discount", "Spend at least Y to get a gift", "Buy product N to get K for free", and many other sales formulas can be successfully implemented using this extension. You can create as many rules as you wish.

  • Multiple configurable blocks displayed on Checkout and Shopping Cart pages
  • Customizable rules based on combinations of order and cart item attributes
  • Rules priority, start and expiration dates
  • Rules based on customer groups
  • Customizable blocks defined in CMS Static Blocks
  • Unlimited number of rules
  • Market Segmentation Suite integration


The menu that controls Checkout Promo can be found in the NRO Admin Panel under Promotions / Checkout Promo Rules.

Checkout Promo shows static blocks on the Checkout and/or Shopping Cart page. The blocks are created in CMS section of your store's Admin Panel. Checkout Promo rules are added/edited from the Promotions / Checkout Promo Rules menu.

You can define where to show promo block: on the Shopping Cart page, or in Checkout, or on both pages.

Checkout Promo rules are defined in the same way as the built-in Shopping Cart Price Rules.

Don't forget to set the Enabled status for CMS blocks you'd like to display.

Shopping Cart Promo vs. Checkout Promo

You can show promo blocks on either the Shopping Cart page, or in Checkout, or on both pages. However, if you display the same block on both pages, note that the maximum banner width is different between the two pages. Maxiumum width of the promo area on the Shopping Cart page is 1010px. Maxiumum width of the promo area on the Checkout page is 713px.

Sample code for the static block that works with maxium widths of both pages:

.checkout-cart-index #checkoutpromo img { max-width: 1010px; }
.checkout-onepage-index #checkoutpromo img { max-width: 713px; }
<div style="margin-bottom:20px"><img src="/media/wysiwyg/IMAGE.jpg" alt="TITLE" /></div>

Market Segmentation Suite extension integration

Market Segmentation Suite (MSS) allows you to define a combination of rules based on your unique shoppers -- their shopping cart, wishlist, previous purchases, etc.

The visibility of blocks displayed by the Checkout Promo extension can be controlled by validating the MSS rule assigned to the Checkout Promo rule.

Triggering MSS rule conditions

Checkout Promo decides whether to display its blocks:

  • Before rendering the Cart page
  • Before rendering the Checkout page

Because MSS might require data that isn't available when Checkout Promo rules are processed, some rules may not trigger:

Condition typeData needed for the condition to be checkedAvailability
Order group
Number of orders Customer account Customer has to be registered and logged in
Sales amount
Purchased quantity
Customers group
Billing/shipping address


Billing address, Shipping address, First name, Last name, Email

If the customer is not registered and logged in, these data will not be available until the customer enters it.
For unregistered customers, the rule will trigger only if customer refreshes or comes again to the Checkout page during current customer session after filling in fields on the Checkout page.
First name/Last name
Customer group


Customer account


Not available if the customer is not registered and logged in

Date of birth
Newsletter and/or Advanced newsletter subscription
Shopping Cart group
Grand total Current order Available always
Number of items
Products group
Product list Wishlist or Shopping Cart Available always for Shopping Cart
For Wishlist available for registered customers only
Product history List of products bought before which order status is "Complete" taken from customer account Available if customer is registered and logged in


I've set up everything correctly and inserted the HTML code, but my promo is not displaying.

Clear the store cache, clear your browser cache and domain cookies, and refresh the page.

My configuration changes do not appear on the store.

 Clear the store cache, clear your browser cache and domain cookies, and refresh the page.

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