NCR Retail Online includes built-in image zooms so you can really show off the details of your item images online.

When you hover over an item image on a product detail page, you will see the built-in zoom features if your item images are larger than the "base" image size.

Here’s how zooms work: On the product detail page, the base item image displays at 360px x 434px (default base image size). Upload anything larger than the base image size to trigger the built-in zoom features. So, if the uploaded image is smaller than, or exactly, 360px x 434px, then there is no zoom. If you upload an image that’s larger than the base, for example 498wx 600h, 664w x 800h, 830w x 1000h (for best results, use the same proportions as the base image), then there is a zoom. The bigger the image you upload, the more zoom details you see.

Learn more about item image sizes in Working with the Celebrity Theme in the NRO Help Center.

Images Zooms