Recommended Extensions

Because of the unique requirements of selling liquor online, we recommend the following extensions if you sell wine, beer or liquor online:


NRO Merchant Examples

Checkout the NRO Design Gallery for examples of Wine & Liquor stores using NCR Retail Online ecommerce software.


Configuration Examples

The configuration examples below are intended to provide general guidance. Your requirements may be different, so the configuration may need to be adjusted according to your needs.

1) Local Delivery


2) Icons on Product Page

The widgets in this block needs to reflect whatever attribute/value the merchant is using to identify items that are available only for pickup/delivery. The Product Icon widget allows you to configure this (click the Insert Widget button, and choose the Product Icon widget type).





3) Shipping Override

In most cases, ShipperHQ is the preferred shipping extension for liquor stores, as it's a more robust SaaS solution compared to Shipping Override.

The Shipping Override configuration is usually used to enable/disable shipping methods by ZIP code, depending on the merchant's needs.