Working With Transactional Emails

As a store owner, you use transactional emails for invoicing, welcoming new accounts, account changes, and even alerts. NRO includes a set of predefined templates which can be used as the basis for sending a wide variety of transactional email messages.

Transactional emails contain a mixture of HTML and dynamic content (using variables), so you'll need some basic HTML knowledge when working with transactional emails. (Sorry, there's no WYSIWYG editor for editing transactional emails).

Here are the basics:

  1. Define the Store Frontend Name and other fields that will be used as system variable fields (like your phone number and store name) under System / Configuration / General / Store Information.
  2. Define the sender email addresses and sender names under System / Configuration / General / Store Email Addresses. This information displays in the 'from' field when a shopper receives emails from your NRO store. You can use the same sender email address and name for all contacts if you choose.
  3. Upload your logo to System / Configuration / General / Design > Transactional Emails. Maximum width of image is 630px.
  4. Select System / Configuration / Sales / Sales Emails to assign emails to one or more events (Order, Invoice, Shipment, or Credit Memo). Learn more >
  5. By default, NRO will use system generated emails, but any email template can be modified (HTML skills required). To modify a built-in email template, select System / Transactional Emails and click the Add New Template button. Load the default email template you want to start with, and modify the new template copy according to your needs.
    1. View examples of default email templates
    2. View tips & tricks of working with transactional emails
    3. View variables that can be used in any email
  6. The best way to test your emails is by creating new accounts and placing one or more test orders.

Need help? Our Professional Services Team can help you customize your email templates or incorporate extensions to meet your advanced needs (hourly rates apply). Learn more >


Which emails should I customize first?

Your ecommerce store includes dozens of system-generated transactional emails. The top four system-generated emails include:

  • New Order Email 
  • Shipment Update 
  • Password Reminder
  • New Account

Why does my logo appear 'squished' in transactional emails?

By default, the size of the logo in transactional emails is automatically rendered at 165px x 48px. You can upload a logo and define the Logo Height and Logo Width under System / Configuration / General / Design > Transactional Emails.

Can I include tracking numbers in 'shipped order' emails?

Yes, you can enter tracking numbers in NCR Counterpoint before the ticket is completed and published back to NRO (see Add Tracking Information to a Shipped Order in the NRO Help Center). Depending on the system you use to generate tracking numbers, you may be able to import tracking numbers into NCR Counterpoint. Contact your NCR Business Partner for assistance importing third-party data into NCR Counterpoint. 

Why doesn't the tracking number in the 'shipped order' email hyperlink to the appropriate carrier's website?

You can include tracking information on a shipped order, but depending on the shipping method you're using, the tracking numbers may or may not display as hyperlinks in the email. For example, if you are using table lookup or matrix methods, the email doesn’t know if the tracking number is for FedEx, UPS, etc. So the tracking number will be displayed as text, not a hyperlink. Only third-party shipping methods can display the tracking number as a hyperlink to the carrier's website. Learn more about Shipping Methods in NRO in the NRO Help Center.

Can I automatically email new customers a coupon code when they create new accounts?

Yes, you can edit the default welcome email to include a coupon code or other welcome offer. First, create the promo code – see Setting Up Shopping Cart Price Rules in the NRO Help Center. Second, modify the New Account email template to incorporate your promotional message. Finally, select System / Configuration / Customers / Customer Configuration / Create New Account Options, and select the new email template to use for the Default Welcome Email.


How do I add the shopper's email address to the order confirmation email?

First, create a copy of the built-in email template then modify the email to suite your needs.

  1. In NRO, select System / Transactional Emails
  2. Click the Add New Template button
  3. Select New Order for the template, then click Load Template; this loads the default order confirmation email template in order for you to make changes
  4. Give the template a new name, such as "New Order with Email Address" so that you can distinguish your new template from the old one
  5. To add the email address, you can EITHER:
    1. Add <br />{{var order.customer_email}} immediately after {{var order.getBillingAddress().format('html')}}
    2. OR - Open the following template code that contains the email address, then copy and paste the code to replace the ENTIRE Template Contents section with: View Code: Template Contents with Email

  6. Save your changes to the new email template
  7. Select System / Configuration / Sales / Sales Emails and assign the new template to the Order transaction. Note that you can use the same or different email templates for logged-in shoppers vs. guests.
  8. Test your new order confirmation email by placing a test order (if live, you should then cancel the test order)


Sample Order Confirmation Email (Default Template)

Transactional Emails