How to Add the Thawte Seal to the Cart and Checkout Pages Only:

  1. Select CMS / Static Blocks to create a static block named thawte with the following content (if pasting, be sure you’re pasting in code view, not WYSIWYG view):
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
  2. Select CMS / Widgets to create a new widget that is displayed on Specified Pages (Shopping Cart and One Page Checkout). In most cases, you can simply attach the same static block named thawte to a single widget that has two Layout Updates:
    • Page = Shopping Cart; Block Reference = Payment Methods After Checkout
    • Page = One Page Checkout; Block Reference = Right Column
  3. Select System / Cache Management to clear the site cache

Alternatively, to add the Thawte seal to the footer area of your website, see Displaying the Thawte Seal on Your Website in the NRO Help Center.