Retailers Experience Impressive Revenue Gains with Springbot

NCR Retail Online merchants such as retailers Better Baseball and are already experiencing impressive revenue gains since implementing the add-on.

Better BaseballBetter Baseball

One of the first online retailers specializing in baseball and softball equipment, Better Baseball has relied on Springbot for NRO's robust demographic and ROI reporting to provide critical business intelligence.

“By connecting our NCR Retail Online store to Springbot's big data engine, we were able to quickly use our customer, prospect, and purchase history data to make smarter marketing decisions,” explains Scott Zambito, purchasing director for Better Baseball. "The insights we’ve gained helped us increase sales by 21 percent and our average order value by 22 percent within just 3 months." also relies on the data from Springbot for NRO to improve the way they market their products and business through predictive analytics. Since incorporating the technology, they have already grown their order volume by 8.4 percent.

"I really like the way this technology gives us a silent salesman who is working 24/7 to ensure we get every sale possible," said Nathan Welch, marketing manager at "It conveniently tracks everything we do as well as giving me visibility of what customers are clicking on and how those clicks are converted to sales."

Get Insight On How Your Website Can Drive More Sales

Easy-to-use dashboard features:

  • Data-driven marketing recommendations
  • Customer segmentation based on demographic, customer and product data
  • Channel attribution
  • Revenue and ROI tracking
  • Triggered emails (like abandoned cart emails)
  • Product conversion reports
  • Integration with social tools including Hootsuite, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
  • Retargeting with AdRoll
  • Trackable links
  • Daily activity reports

"Unlike larger retailers with deep benches for marketing and analytics, small and medium-sized business owners need technology innovation to carry more of the load on data-based decisions," says Adam Blake, vice president and general manager of Department and Specialty Retail at NCR. "The Springbot eCommerce marketing automation platform, built on top of NRO, gives these businesses insights on how their website can drive sales and immediate actions to capitalize on it."

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