Manual Sorting

NRO allows shoppers to sort products within a category based on:
  • Position (used for manually sorting products)
  • Name
  • Price
  • Brand
  • Or any attribute with 'Used for Sorting in Product Listing' is set to Yes (attributes can be configured under Catalog / Attributes / Manage Attributes)

By Position

Use Position to manually sort products. You can manually sort the products within each category by specifying the position of each item under Catalog / Manage Categories on the Category Products tab. Change the position of the products you want listed first—the smaller the number, the closer to the top it will display (read the full article in the NRO knowledge base). Next, make sure that your default sort setting is set to Best Value under System / Configuration / Catalog / Catalog > Frontend.

By 'New Until' Date

Use the New Until Date field (news_to_date) to sort products based on the 'new until' date from Counterpoint. By default, the news_to_date attribute is not included in the 'Sort By' dropdowns. Select Catalog / Attributes / Manage Attributes and change Used for Sorting in Product Listing to Yes. Next, make sure that your default sort setting is set to New Until Date under System / Configuration / Catalog / Catalog > Frontend.

Default Sort Order

One thing to keep in mind with whatever sorting option you choose to use as the default …  shoppers can change the sort order themselves, and their choice is "sticky". You can change the default sort order to whatever best meets your business needs. But once a shopper changes the sort order on any page, their selected sort order will be used for all subsequent pages they view, until/unless they change their sort order again.

Changing the Sort Order for Each Category

In addition to specifying a global sort order, you can specify the default sort order for each category. For example, if you want to change the default sort order of just the Men's category to sort by Price, select Catalog / Manage Categories > Men, and select the Display Settings tab. For the Default Product Listing Sort By, first uncheck 'Use config settings' and then select the default sort order for this category.

Automatic Sorting: Improved Sorting for NRO

Improved Sorting for NROIf you need something more robust, additional sorting options–including dynamic sorting by newest products—are available with the Improved Sorting for NRO extension.

Improved Sorting for NRO adds the following sorting options for shoppers to choose from:
  • New
  • Biggest Savings
  • Best Sellers
  • Most Viewed
  • Top Rated
  • Review Counts
  • Now in Wishlists
  • Quantity

Improved Sorting for NRO