Idea #1) Displaying 'Featured Items' Instead of 'New Arrivals'

Uploading a Custom New/Sale Image


Create your own custom image or right-click and save one of the sample images below. Then upload your favorite image to CMS / Images & Other Files (to the top-level folder). Next, add the following css to System / Configuration / General / Design / HTML Head / Miscellaneous Scripts:

<style>.product-image .new-label, .product-image .sale-label {background-image:url(/media/wysiwyg/new-sale.png); }</style> 

IMPORTANT! Make sure that the filename and path in the css above match the image you uploaded. Also, filenames and folder names are case sensitive!



NRO includes built-in features for highlighting new and sale items throughout your site. Sale items are dynamically based on sale prices in Counterpoint and displayed accordingly in NRO. New items can be used as designed, or you can easily tweak this field for other purposes. With some simple changes to labels and icons, you can re-purpose the default new products feature so it better suits your needs.
For example, you could display Featured Items, Staff Picks, What's Hot, Deal of the Week, May We Suggest etc.
Featured Items
Here's How:
  1. Mark Items as New: In Counterpoint under Inventory / Items on the Ecommerce tab, select the products you want to feature. Check the New box for each product and enter a New Until date (NRO requires the date field). These items will display throughout your site with a graphic icon overlay, in the new/sale slider on your home page, and you can add a top-level navigation link to a dedicated page that displays all the items flagged as 'new' in Counterpoint.
  2. Add/Edit the Home Page Slider: On your Home Page, you can include New or New+Sale items (determined under System / Configuration / Theme Settings > Appearance). Change the labels on either slider using Inline Translation under System / Configuration / Translation (see Customizing Display Labels for more on this feature). NOTE: If you don't wish to display either slider on your home page, simply delete the following line of code from CMS / Pages > Home Page (typically, this is the last line of code on the home page): { { block type = "celebrityslider/slider" template = "NCR/celebrityslider/slider.phtml" } }
  3. Add/Edit the Navigation Link: In the navigation bar, you can include a link to your 'Featured Items' under System / Configuration / Theme Settings / Navigation by selecting Yes for Show New Products Link. Whatever text you enter for the New Products Link Label will display as the link in the navigation bar. Optionally add content to the top of the page by specifying a static block containing your info. NOTE: If you don't wish to display a link in your navigation bar, select No for Show New Products Link (System / Configuration / Theme Settings > Navigation)
  4. Change the Graphic: Items flagged as 'new' will display throughout your site with a graphic overlay. You can specify the position of the icon under System / Configuration / Theme Settings > Product Labels. You can also upload your own graphic to be used instead of the default graphic. Here's how:
  • Create a single image where the left half is used for the 'sale' icons and the right half is used for the 'new' icons. Each half of the image should include icons in all four corners (only one corner will display, as determined in the previous step)
    • Image dimensions: 224px x 112px
    • Image name: new-sale.png
    • Image file type: PNG (with a transparent background)
  • Upload your new image to CMS / Images & Other FilesSelect System / Configuration / Design > HTML Head and add the following to the Miscellaneous Scripts field (or if you're skilled in CSS, incorporate this class in your existing style sheet):
    • <style>.product-image .new-label, .product-image .sale-label {background-image:url(/media/wysiwyg/new-sale.png); }</style>
  • If you don't wish to display any icon on top of the item images, select No for Show New Label (System / Configuration / Theme Settings > Product Labels)
For general info on working with new and sale items, visit New and Special Pages and Highlighting New and Sale Items in the NRO Help Center.


Sample Images:





Idea #2) Linking to the New and Specials Pages from the Home Page Slider

Using the built-in Inline Translation features, you can tweak the text of most labels throughout your NRO website. Did you know that the fields support HTML? This makes it fairly simple to update the "Latest Arrivals" and "On Sale" labels in the New/Sale Slider, and add hyperlinks to the landing pages of all products.
Here's How:
  1. Enable Inline Translation under System / Configuration / NCR Retail Online / Translation, or learn more in Customizing Display Labels Throughout Your Site
  2. Change the display label for Latest Arrivals to: <a href="/new">Latest Arrivals</a> or <a href="/new">Featured Items</a> (change the words between the anchor tags if you want a different label)
  3. Change the display label for On Sale to: <a href="/specials">On Sale</a> or <a href="/specials">Daily Deals</a> (change the words between the anchor tags if you want a different label)



Troubleshooting: New and Sale Items

I checked the "New" checkbox in Counterpoint, but my item isn't displaying as New on my storefront.
You must also enter a "New Until Date" in Counterpoint (Inventory / Items). This field wasn't required in CPOnline, but is for NRO.
My item is flagged as "On Special" in Counterpoint, but my item isn't displaying as a Sale item on my storefront.
In NRO, an item will appear as a "Sale" item if the item's Selling Price is lower than the List Price in Counterpoint. No further set up is required. The "On Special" flag on the Ecommerce tab in Counterpoint (Inventory / Items) is not used for NRO – it's a legacy setting that's only used for CPOnline.
No image (or only a small portion of the image) displays on the home page slider. 
You must define at least one New Item and one Sale Item (even if you aren't displaying both in the slider). When only one or the other is defined, a portion of your image may be cut off.
I can't get my new-sale.png graphic to work.
Verify that the image name (including case!) is new-sale.png, and verify that it's located in the top-level folder structure under CMS / Images & Other Files. Verify that the CSS was properly added to the Miscellaneous Scripts field. If the image is located in a sub-folder, be sure to edit the path in the Miscellaneous Scripts field to match the location of your image. On your storefront, be sure to press F5 (or Ctrl+F5) to refresh your browser.

Need More?

NCR Retail Online includes the built-in New/Sale slider for your home page. If you want other kinds of blocks on your home page, take a look at Product Blocks for NRO.

With Product Blocks for NRO, you can create various blocks of products to display throughout your site. Add a block of featured items, new arrivals, sale items, etc., and optionally group each block by category.

Increase your product sales by showcasing your top products on your Home Page, CMS pages, category pages, and more. For example, create blocks for bestselling women’s items, newest home décor, and shoe sale.