Image Sites

Stock Photography and Other Image Resources

There's plenty of great quality images available at fee-based sites like Shutterstock, Getty Images, Dreamstime, and iStockPhoto. Most sites require subscriptions or offer pay-per-image downloads.

If you're looking for free images, try the following sites:
  • Morgue Free high resolution digital stock photography for either corporate or public use. (A "morgue file" is an old newspaper term referring to a place to keep post production materials.)
  • Free vectors, photos, icons and more. Lots of great design effects and quality illustrations, but watch out for intermingled ads and links to fee-based sites.
  • Icon Quality icons for free or cheap. Nice filters on the left can help you quickly find free images for commercial use.
  • Good High res background images, including seamless background textures. You have to create an account to download images, but it's pretty hassle-free.
  • Public Domain A repository for free public domain images. Again, watch for links to fee-based sites.
  • Although this is a fee-based site, you can download their free photo of the week right from their home page.
  • Contact your vendors: They're usually happy to share their quality images with you.

Be sure to review the licensing agreements and model releases before using any images, especially when using for commercial use. Even free images may have restrictions on how images can be used.

Image Editing Software

If you don't have any decent image editing software, we recommend Adobe Photoshop Elements. It has more than enough features to cover all the basics, and is available for under $100. Looking for free? Try or