Tip #1: Before making any changes to your live home page, copy and paste the HTML and save backup of this code in Notepad or other text editor, so that you can quickly revert back to current page contents if needed.

Any changes you make to your home page (i.e., CMS page with ID of celebrity_home) will be visible to your shoppers as soon as you click Save Page. If you prefer to preview your changes before making them live, first create a new page (e.g., home-test) and then copy and paste the contents from your live home page to this new page. Then, you can view this page on your website by going directly to the page (e.g., www.YourStore.com/home-test).

Note that if you're using the built-in slideshow, the same slides will be displayed on both the live home page and the test page. When finished, be sure to disable your test page to prevent search engines from finding it.

In some cases, you may have slightly different styling on the home page and the test home page. Should you need an exact replica of your home page, you may need to add additional styling, for example:

/* Styling for Test Home Page */
.cms-home-test .main { width: 1010px; padding: 0 0 20px 0; margin: 0px; }
.cms-home-test .white-container {margin: 0px; padding: 0px; }
.cms-home-test .breadcrumbs { display: none; }

Note: In the example above, the page URL must be home-test in order to work as expected.

Staging Sites

If you need more than just a way to test content on your home page, check out our Staging Site option. Staging Sites are a one-time snapshot of your store data, for the purpose of testing changes before making the changes on your live site.