Heading tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) that include good keywords can be beneficial for boosting your search engine rankings. Search engines give more weight to keywords in heading tags than in plain body text.

Your product descriptions entered into Counterpoint support HTML. So, for example, to incorporate level 1 heading tags for styling and SEO purposes, add the following to the product description (HTML field on the Ecommerce tab of Inventory / Items in Counterpoint): <h1>This is a Level 1 Heading</h1> or <h2>This is a Level 2 Heading</h2>

Heading 2 Tags

By default, the Celebrity theme intentionally suppresses H2 tags on the product detail pages in order to accommodate the tabbed detail section. Therefore, in order to display H2 descriptions in your product descriptions, you must incorporate a more specific classification in your H2 tags.For example, add the following CSS class to the Miscellaneous Scripts field under System / Configuration / Design in NRO (or incorporate into your existing CSS):

.shown {display: block !important; }

Then, when incorporating the H2 tags into your product descriptions, incorporate your additional styling as follows: <h2 class="shown">This is my H2 title</h2>