Adding FormsBuilt-In Form

NRO includes one built-in Contact Us form for shoppers to send you general comments and questions about your site. This form includes several pre-defined fields (name, phone, email, and comments). You utilize Inline Translation to change the labels and you can customize the content above or below the form under CMS / Pages >contact, but the form fields themselves cannot be changed beyond that.

Adding More Forms

If you want to create additional forms for your site, try a third-party form service such as Google Forms, Formstack or Wufoo that allows you to create forms using their tools, then embed these forms into a page on your website (using code snippets that you can copy-and-paste from the third-party service). In this case, you would manage your forms and view submissions outside of NRO, using your login to whatever form service you’ve selected.

  Formstack Wufoo Google Forms
Image Uploads with form submission Yes Yes (with paid plans) No
Free plan available No Yes Yes


Getting Started

  1. Create an account with the third-party form service of your choice. NCR's recommendation: Formstack. Or check out Wufoo or Google Forms if you are looking for a free tool.
  2. Create a new form with your desired fields
  3. Copy/Paste the embed code from the third-party service into a CMS Page (in NRO, under CMS / Pages). Be sure to disable the WYSIWYG editor before pasting your code (you must paste the code in the HTML view, not the WYSIWYG view)



American Plant - B2B wholesaler application

Bristow's - job application

Creative Playthings - multiple customer service forms

NCR Retail Online



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The easy to use Wufoo form builder helps you make forms easy, fast, and fun.