Exporting Data to a CSV File:

Because most of your data is typically stored in Counterpoint, NRO does not include Magento's export tools. However, should you wish to export selected product information directly from NRO, you can do so from the product grid under Catalog / Manage Products.

For example, if you want to export meta data from NRO:

  1. In the NRO Admin Panel, select System / Configuration / NCR / Enhanced Product Grid
  2. Hold the Ctrl key and click to add additional fields, such as Meta Title, Meta Decription, and Meta Keywords
  3. Select Catalog / Manage Products, change the number of records per page to 200 (the maxiumum number of records per page), change product Visibility to Catalog/Search
  4. Click the Export to CSV button (or you can choose to export to XML)
  5. This tool only exports the products on the current page of results, not the entire list of products. If you have multiple pages of products, you must repeat step 4 for each page of results

If you require assistance, the NRO Professional Services team can help you export your product or customer data into a CSV file. Estimate: ~1-3 hour, ($150/hour)