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With Customer Segmentation & Promotions, you can target your online promotions with the right message to the right shoppers at the right time. Segment your shoppers based on configurable rules and display content and promotional messages to shoppers who meet those rules.


For example:

  • Free shipping for all orders over $100
  • Offer a 10% discount to customers who’ve spent more than $300 with you in the past year
  • Promote a specific brand to customers who’ve purchased specific items
  • Display an extra message in the shopping cart to customers who have between $100 and $200 in their cart
  • Show different promotions to different customers based on their Counterpoint customer category
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Example 1: Suggestive Selling

Remind shoppers to purchase item B along with the purchase of item A:

Customer Segmentation Example


Example 2: Conditional Cart Messages

Display different messages when different items are added to the shopping cart:

Customer Segmentation Example


Example 3: Memberships and Renewals

Display different messages to different groups of shoppers on the cart page and category pages reminding them to purchase or upgrade their memberships (and optionally offer immediate discount on products in the cart when a membership is purchased at the same time):



Example 4: Case Discounts

Display different promo ads on the cart page based on items added to the cart to encourage shoppers to order more items from the same category :

Customer Segmentation & Promotions

Example 5: Buy More, Save More

Encourage higher order totals by offering discounts once the cart reaches a minimum amount:

Customer Segmentation & Promotions

Example 6: Gift Giving

Encourage higher order totals by encouraging shoppers to send gifts (including option to ship to multiple addresses):

Customer Segmentation & Promotions

What's Included?

As part of the Premium Implementation Track, Customer Segmentation & Promotions includes the following extensions, plus assistance setting up your first promos:

Checkout Promo for NRO Market Segmentation Suite Z-Blocks for NRO
Checkout Promo for NRO Market Segmentation Suite for NRO Z-Blocks for NRO



What Else Can I Do?

Accurately segment your target audience based on criteria you set up. Set up targeting rules based on one ore more conditions:

  • Specific customer details, such as name, address, date of birth
  • Newsletter subscription details
  • Product details including:
    • View history (products the shopper has previously viewed)
    • Order history (products the shopper has previously ordered)
    • Items in the shopping cart
    • Wishlist patterns

For example, you could precisely target customers segments based on:

  • Customers who have spent more than $300 and viewed a specific product more than twice
  • Customers who have a specific product in their wish list
  • Customers who have purchased a specific brand in the past 90 days


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