Configuring your Site to Use Something Other than the Built-in Home Page

In most cases, you want to land on a traditional home page as the first page of your website experience. In some scenarios, you may want to land on a category page, or other page, instead of the built-in home page. For example, if you have a very limited number of products or only one category to choose from, or your shopping site is part of a larger website experience, you can change the default landing page of your website.

To configure your website to land on a page other than the default celebrity_home, select System / Configuration / General / Web > Default Pages and change the default URL. To land on a specific category page, enter catalog/category/view/id/# where # corresponds to the category ID. To determine the category ID, select Catalog / Manage Categories and select the category to view the category ID as shown in the screenshot below.


System / Configuration / General / Web > Default Pages

To configure the Default Web URL:


Catalog / Manage Categories

To determine the category ID: